Aman Kapadia – Why Constraints Foster Creativity
Aman Kapadia

Aman Kapadia is managing partner at Akaris Global, a hedge fund firm based in New York City. He previously worked at another fund Fir Tree Partners, and before that was an investment analyst focused on an event driven style of investing.

Our conversation starts with Aman’s childhood which was spent living around the world, and then a taxing academic load, which included both a JD and an MBA, after a stint at McKinsey following undergrad. His introduction to the investing world came via an internship at a fund of funds, which facilitated ringside access to some of the most innovative hedge funds.

Now in his own firm, Akaris Global, we speak about the kind of thinking that has fostered idea generation and a high conviction investing style. We discuss the importance of lateral thinking, debating ideas and building a team with diverse passions and interests. We speak about the concept of constraints, and how, just as necessity is the mother of invention, constraints foster creativity and innovation.