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Helen Gottstein – Enhancing Visibility and Finding a Vibrant Voice

Helen Gottstein is the founder of Loud and Clear Training, a communication and presentation strategy business where she serves global clients from her Israel base. She has had a long career in training women to get heard, inclusion and diversity training and presentation skills. Today, she shares her tips both as a founder and women’s advocate.

Our conversation starts with Helen’s youth in Australia and what influenced her in becoming a feminist at the age of 19. We trace that journey through her move to Israel, and her ongoing advocacy for and training in communication skills.

Galit Desheh – Gender Brave and Color Happy

Galit Desheh is the owner of DG – Diversity Growth Consulting and Strategic Social Change, organizations which work with companies to create an inclusive environment and diverse workforce. She previously worked as Educational Director at the Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center and was Executive Director of Israel’s Women’s Network for over 3 years. She is a director of the “Power in Diversity” Initiative to diversify the high -tech industry in Israel and is also a lecturer.

We discuss how Galit has been interested in issues of gender for most of her career, going right back to her PhD topic, and how that led her to undertake a global comparative study of feminism (and to Northern Ireland).

Shanna Fuld – Thinking Differently about Grit and Hustle

Shanna Fuld is the founder and CEO at the Israel Daily News Podcast. She has worked as a freelance reporter, and creates her own content including the Israel Daily News Podcast, The Israel Weekly Newswrap, Women in Israel and The Corona Business Report.

Our conversation traces how a chance meeting with Wolf Blitzer in Tel Aviv kindled the flame that was already alight in her for broadcast media. We follow her journey in education and then in the business and some of the long hours and high expectations that it entailed.