31. Brad Baumoel: Brad Baumoel Head of LGBTQ+ Affairs at JPMorgan Chase: Gender Expansiveness for the Next Generation

Brad Baumoel is managing director and Global Head of LGBTQ+ affairs at JPMorgan Chase, a position he assumed in April 2021.  He previously was Portfolio Director for the Chase Digital Platform and prior to that led several large-scale transformative programs and teams across the institution. He was a founding member and prior leader of OPEN Finance NYC, a non-profit LGBT network for the Financial Services Industry.
Our conversation starts with Brad describing his upbringing in a single parent household and how he came out in stages – not initially to his family. He moved to New York City early in his career, and we speak about the adjustment that was involved – in terms of modifying his New England accent but also the burst of inclusion that he experienced from being exposed to New York’s LGBTQ+ neighborhoods.
We move then to his role at JPMorgan Chase, and the breadth of what he is taking on, and speak in particular about what it is to foster true allyship.

Our fourth Pride series is supported by JPMorgan Chase. JPMorgan Chase has long been a supporter of equality in all forms, including for the LGBTQ+ community. Starting with the very first PRIDE business resource group in 1996, they recently strengthened their commitment by creating the Office of LGBTQ+ Affairs and a full-time, dedicated team to deliver on a global LGBTQ+ agenda.

The Office of LGBTQ+ Affairs partners closely with stakeholders across the firm to promote intersectionality and leverage its combined resources to deliver equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ employees, clients, partners and communities, worldwide.