12. Ahryun Moon of Goodtime.io – Scheduling Efficiency and Analyzing the Female Founders Discount

Ahryun Moon is Founder and Head of Company Strategy at GoodTime.io a company designed to boost employee productivity by making scheduling meetings easier. This is not her first time founding a company – she also founded Etch Keyboard and previously worked as a financial accountant and financial analyst.

We start with her upbringing and the hackathons that awakened her interest in tech and problem solving.  When she noticed that recruiters were spending the bulk of their time on scheduling meetings, she went “under cover” at large companies in Silicon Valley in order to scope the extent of the problem.  This was the seed that generated GoodTime.io, and we turn then to her experience as a founder, raising capital, developing an all-remote team and being productive in a “Couple-preneur” arrangement (her husband is also a partner at GoodTime.io).

We dig deep into what Ahryun terms the “female founder discount”, why this persists and the way that it erodes company value and prospects. This is a passionate discussion that uncovers the inequities that continuing and we pick apart how to address them.