251. Carina Diamond of Stella Secunda Partners: Towards the Next Star in Wealth Management and Beyond

Carina Diamond is a wealth management leader with particular experience in growing and building businesses. Late last year, she founded Stella Secunda Partners, a consulting firm that helps financial services locate and retain next generation talent and guide business owners through succession planning. She is a motivational speaker and coach, as well as the founder of Diversitas, a national education program at The University of Akron designed to expand diversity in wealth management.

Our conversation starts with her early career, and the philosophy of abundance v. scarcity that informed her approach to growing a firm and financial planning. We move then to talk about the evolution of financial planning, to invoke more psychology, sociology, focus on financial literacy and human centricity. This is a recurring theme in the industry recently. On the topic of the next generation and succession, we speak then about the impact of Diversitas, and how targeting education programs in this way can be so pivotal to inspire an interest in wealth management as well as creating a network of support and motivation.

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