Bonus: UK Public Fund Special – David Vickers CIO of Brunel Pensions Partnership – People, Process and Progress towards Sustainability

David Vickers is Chief Investment Officer at Brunel Pensions Partnership Limited, which manages assets on behalf of 10 partner funds within the local government pension scheme, representing about £30 billion He has extensive experience and investing in the multi asset arena, where he has spent time managing assets for a range of institutional investors.

Our conversation starts with David’s upbringing in Essex, where the City beckoned, even if it wasn’t a familiar career field for him growing up as his parents were teachers. We recall how even notwithstanding the drama and volatility of incidents like the Barings crash the pace and energy of the place had an allure.

We move then to the body of his career which saw him initially work in fund management and later transition to managing teams. David relates how he developed a passion for journaling, particularly as it relates to investment decisions, and for investment processes that were robust and sustainable. He describes himself as a pragmatic investor and he translates this concept into his current role at Brunel.

Our discussion turns to recent initiatives in the field of Paris-aligned and sustainable investing at Brunel, in particular the development of a Paris-aligned index along with FTSE Russell. He looks at the likely future evolution not only of sustainable investing products but also practices and ultimately what this will mean for the leveling up agenda and local investment in the UK.

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