262. Kevin Leonard of NEPC: Towards a Sustainable Future for Public Pensions and Solving Pension Envy

Kevin Leonard is Partner and Practice Group Director – Public Funds and Taft Hartley at
NEPC. He has had a long career in consulting and started his career as an accountant.
Kevin has had a career of over 30 years in investment consulting, and it had a somewhat
“accidental” start – being driven more by location and convenience than a calling. Things
quickly shifted however, and Kevin found that working with public funds where the possibility to
add value and have impact was high and the touchpoints with investment committees and
Boards frequent and satisfying.

We move then to discuss some of the challenges facing public funds more broadly and the
mélange of policy issues, economic challenges and resource constraints that create a unique
workload for the investment consultants serving this segment. Staying with policy we discuss
the relevance of ESG and D&I issues for this client segment and how investment consultants
are staying ahead of the curve to ensure that this mission can be fulfilled.

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