The Fiftyfaces Podcast Series 2 2022 Trailer – Taking a Stand

In Series 2 of the 2022 Fiftyfaces Podcast we discussing taking a stand – a stand against climate change, against bias, against  recruitment processes that aren’t generating the results and against stereotypical thinking. We hear from another 10 inspiring guests from around the world.  From the academic who realized he could make a better impact with his sustainable finance agenda in the world through publishing papers and writing books, to the fund manager with a passion for improving after school education to a head of asset management who is changing the recruitment process from the ground up.

We hear about a founder committed to leveling the playing field for persons with disabilities both in the City and in entrepreneurial endeavors, and a former college soccer star whose lessons on the field prepared her for being a supportive team player in her work life.

A master fund-raiser tells us how the the greatest hurdles he ever faced were those he set for himself, while the founder of a placement firm discusses the work he does to elevate diverse managers.

A financial advisor describes the work she does to promote financial literacy and describes how not feeling safe in her job motivated her to launch her own firm, while a fund director reveals how her university life in Zambia prepared her for the unexpected. Staying in Africa we hear how farm-life is a good preparation for surviving in markets.

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Meet the guests in Series 1:

Stephanie Braming is global head of investment management at William Blair & Company.  Based in Chicago, she was previously a portfolio manager and specialist at William Blair, and prior to that an investment consultant.  She started her career as an examiner in the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.
Year for 2021.

Cynthia Tusan is CEO and Chairman of Strategic Global Advisors, a fundamentally inspired and quantitatively driven investment manager focused on global equities, a role she has held for over 16 years.  She previously was a portfolio manager at Wells Capital Management and is based in the Newport Beach Area.

Ryan Bailey is a Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Carbonado Partners LLC, a leading placement agent with a differentiated approach to fundraising for emerging managers.   He was previously Head of Investments at Children’s Health in the Dallas Area, and prior to that held various roles in investment boutiques including placement firms.

Alex Edmans is a professor of finance at the London Business school.  Alex has a PhD from MIT as a Fulbright Scholar, and was previously a tenured professor at Wharton and an investment banker at Morgan Stanley. Alex has spoken at the World Economic Forum in Davos, testified in the UK Parliament, and given the TED talk “What to Trust in a Post-Truth World” and the TEDx talk “The Social Responsibility of Business” with a combined 2.4 million views. Alex’s book, “Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit”, was featured in the Financial Times list of Business Books of the Year for 2020, and he is a co-author of “Principles of Corporate Finance” (with Brealey, Myers, and Allen) for the 14th edition to be published in April 2022. Poets and Quants named him Professor of the

Marquette Chester is Senior Managing Director and Head of Alternatives at Xponance, Inc., based in Atlanta Georgia.  He previously spent over 20 years at Invesco, the last 11 years of which were as Managing Director within the Private Capital area.

Tremaine Wills is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of Mind Over Money, which provides financial planning advice and manages investment portfolios to help client meet their financial goals.  She formerly spent time as an Investment Advisor Representative and from 2015 to 2019 worked as a mathematics teacher, initially for Teach for America. Based in Virginia, she is passionate about increasing financial literacy for the Black Community in particular.

Hardeep Rai is Group Chief Executive Officer at The Kaleidoscope Group of Companies, which enable disabled individuals to realize their full potential and find their purpose by enabling them to learn new skills, find their dream job or start their own business.  Kaleidoscope Investments, which invests in disabled individuals with great ideas enabling them to launch their own businesses.   He is a prominent advocate for the rights of disabled people, particularly in the City of London network, and is driven by an agenda of social impact and inclusion.

Dr. Namukale Chintu holds Non Executive Director Roles including roles at Invesco Limited and Arkadia Asset Management and a number of advisory roles. She started her career in investment banking and held a series of Executive Director roles in Proprietary Capital and Wealth Management covering Africa., She is the founder of Frontier Market Consultants. A former Rhodes Scholar, she is National Secretary for the Rhodes Scholarship in Zambia and is passionate about encouraging entrepreneurship and enabling diverse founders to thrive.

Molly Burba is Managing Director in Investment Research at RiskBridge Advisors, an OCIO firm serving institutional and individual investors.  She previously held a series of investment research and allocation roles.  She has a passion for Wellness and spent a period working as a wellness consultant in a firm she established, and was captained of the Women’s Soccer Team while at Vanderbilt University.

Nazmeera Moola is Chief Sustainability Officer of Ninety One, based in Capetown, where she previously headed up South African investing.

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