244. Maggie Rapplean, Partner at Moneta – Human Centered Financial Advice in an era of Commoditization

Maggie Rapplean is a partner at Moneta, the St Louis-headquartered national Registered Investment Adviser with over $30 bn in AUM.  She has a particular focus on family office clients and started her career at Wells Fargo.
Our conversation starts with Maggie’s family life, and how some of the twists and turns in her early life led her to want to be prepared for the unexpected, especially when it came to financial preparation. We speak about this experience helps her understand the breadth of issues on her clients’ minds, and ultimately helped her to build her practice.  We move then to her values as a financial adviser, how she starts the conversation with clients and how she believes the wants and needs of clients are evolving.
This leads us to a discussion of robo-advisers, and some of the more commoditized aspects of financial advice.  We highlight how the increased focus on behavioral advice and the psychology of money is leading to a diverging path from this commoditization.  We tackle some of the common errors when it comes to managing one’s finances – shortfalls in communication – particularly between couples, a failure to plan within a business as time is so stretched.
We conclude with a chat on a subject close to both of our hearts – running and how empowering it is, particularly for young girls.  Maggie is a passionate supporter of and volunteer with Girls on the Run, and we discuss the lessons in leadership, confidence and self-direction that this brings.

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