243. Kelly Chesney of Pluscios Management: Solving for Absolute Return – From Abundance to Scarcity and Back Again

Kelly Chesney is principal and co-founder of Pluscios Management, a fund of hedge funds manager based in the Chicago area. The firm, founded in 2006, has two female founders, and we interviewed Connie Teska, the other founder, in this earlier episode of the Fiftyfaces Podcast.  She has a long history in investment management, particularly in the area of funds of hedge funds, investing and consulting and started her career as an attorney.

That is where we start, with her career in law, and her pivot that saw her move from there into investment management and finally the ultimate pivot that saw her launch Pluscios with Connie. We hear about the ups and downs of starting a firm with an unforgiving market backdrop and some misadventures on the fund-raising side.

We move then to spend some time on the case for hedge funds, and how it has evolved over time, in light of this shifting market backdrop. We speak about the changing shape of investor demand too, and the evolving role of hedge funds and absolute return strategies more broadly.

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