242. Daniele Beasley on Financial Therapy – What is it, Why is it Important?

We first interviewed Daniele Beasley in 2021 and discussed her focus on financial literacy and her financial advisory practice.  Fast forward to early 2024, and Daniele’s contribution of content to the industry has continued apace, and she is now making a name for herself in the emerging area of financial therapy.

Intrigued by this new field, I invited her back onto the podcast to discuss what financial therapy is, why it is sweeping the world of wealth management and what we can expect in terms of the kind of financial advice we get going forward.

You can read more about the references and materials in this podcast here.

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This podcast will form part of Series 2 of the 2024 Fiftyfaces Podcast, which is kindly supported by Resolute Investment Managers, Inc. and Ninety One Asset Management.

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