236. Jason Singer of Apollo – Building the Solution – Where Innovation and Client Service Unite

Jason Singer is Partner and Global Lead for Product Development & Innovation in the Client and Product Solutions group at Apollo. Prior to joining in 2021, he worked at Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) for 22 years. At GSAM, he was Managing Director and Global Head of Product, leading the Public Capital Markets team within GSAM’s retail client business.
Our conversation starts with Jason’s studies at Syracuse University, where he majored in finance and entrepeneurship and moves then to his early entry into the asset management industry at Goldman Sachs, where he cycled through nine different roles across the business in 22 years.
We return then to his training and roots in entrepreneurship to link it to building client solutions, which is his current focus, and look at the craft involved in this. We also bring in the global perspective, given his recent trips to clients around the world.  This brings us to the evolving role of alternatives in client portfolios, the increased awareness of income and its importance, and the future of the 60/40 portfolio.
Staying on innovation, we look to the evolving nature of private wealth offerings, how the advisory world is shifting as client needs change, and the role that accessible and digestible education and training plays in this.  .
In the context of product launches and assessing client appetite Jason broaches the topic of where this fails, and what can be learned from maybe evolving too quickly.

Delivered through a lens that embraces complexity and the challenge of pattern recognition, this is a master class in the art of building client solutions and its many facets.

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