210. Colin Robertson – Independent Investment Advisor: From Game Theory to Risk Management and the Importance of Nuance

Colin Robertson is an independent advisor to two LGPS funds – London Borough of Tower Hamlets and London Borough of Harrow, within a portfolio career that he has had since 2013. He previously held the role of Global Head of Asset Allocation for Aon Hewitt and previously at Mercury Asset Management. He has extensive experience in working with a wide range of institutional clients.

In this podcast we go on a journey from Scotland to the University of California – Berkeley around the end of the Flower Power era.  It was there that Colin studied for a year and focused on Game Theory, a subject that he likens to risk management. Colin describes the evolution of his investment beliefs and how they have evolved to incorporate more behavioural aspects.

We cycle through the various roles that Colin has had, in which he spent time working on both equity and fixed income investments before becoming a Chief Investment Officer. He subsequently decided to focus on economics and asset allocation, holding major global positions.  After retiring from full time employment, he has taken on independent advisory work amongst other roles.  We examine what it takes to be an independent advisor and the level of challenge that is appropriate.

Returning to the topic of behaviour science, we examine what it is that makes people lose some of their over-confidence and arrogance in the investment arena over time. Colin discusses how the role of interpreting the mass of data we have out there is more important than ever and reflects on the satisfaction he has enjoyed from being able to innovate throughout his career.

This podcast is part of a special collaboration with Crispin Derby Limited.

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