2024 Pride Series Trailer: Activism, Mental Health, Financial Health and Gender Expansiveness

Welcome to our fourth Pride series of all time, which is full of personal narratives that will make you smile, may make you cry and will definitely make you think.  Join us as we discuss what allyship really means, share personal experiences across diverging global backgrops for LGBTQ+ rights, and take you into the realms of personal finance, international development and coaching.
Our stories are personal and nuanced and reveal how activism can come from many sources. We hear about individual stories of coming out, finding authentic selves, and about some challenges faced and achievements enjoyed.
The 2024 collection features the following inspiring guests:
· A long-time LGBTQ+ activist Mark Segal
· A prominent transgender spokesperson and partner at McKinsey, Dani D’Amico
· A couple who hosts a financial wellbeing podcast – The Debt Free Guys – John and David Auten-Schneider
· The head of LGBTQ+ affairs at JPMorgan Chase, Brad Baumoel
· The first transgender graduate from HBS now at an investment fund that represents Finance Flowing with Pride, Soltan Bryce
· A coach who works with parents of LGBTQ+ children, Susan Berland
· A prominent activist within international development and advocate for directors, Fabrice Houdart
· A transgender founder of a private wealth firm, Lindsey Young
· A founder of a private wealth firm that is inclusive and values oriented, Marci Bair
So join us from June 1 and throughout the entire month of June.
The 2024 Pride Series is kindly supported by JPMorgan Chase.