175. Jessica Goedtel of Pavilion Financial Planning – Why To Do The Thing You Wish To Avoid

Jessica Goedtel is a Financial Planner and Owner at Pavilion Financial Planning in Allentown Pennsylvania.  She works in particular for tech workers and sex workers and I came across her profile when she presented a robust challenge to a popular personal finance book highlighting its lack of female representation in its case studies.

Our conversation starts with Jessica’s roots in studying ancient history and archaeology and why she ultimately shied away from that career but still took lessons she took from there to her next act, which was in financial planning.  Attention to detail, patience, and a focus on the long haul were among the transferable lessons. We speak about her focus at Pavilion Financial Planning which is in serving a client base of tech workers and sex workers, and tends to include many women.  We talk about how being a woman in financial planning is important to serve a wide base of clients, and some of the issues that are at the forefront of her mind today.

We move then to another aspect of financial planning which is the representation in media of women as protagonists in wealth management stories.  Jessica analyzes a popular personal finance book for case studies of women and how they are portrayed and finds it sadly skewed and lacking.

We end with stories of lessons learned through being an entrepreneur and in working in an industry that is constantly evolving.

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