174. Michael Halpern of Westmore Capital Advisors – Some of Life’s Lessons – Road Tested.

Michael Halpern is Founder and President of Westmore Capital Advisors, an investment firm that invests across asset classes focused on direct investments in early stage/growth capital companies as well as investments in more established companies undergoing substantial transformation.  He was previously Co-Managing Member and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Dorchester Capital Advisors, a fund management firm that invested in hedge funds, private equity funds and secondary hedge fund interests. Prior to that he ran a long/short hedge fund Dorchester Advisors that he founded in 1991. He previously held a series of roles in financial services in the New York and Los Angeles and currently holds a number of board positions. 
Our conversation starts with Michael’s first introduction to the world of investing, which was around the family dinner table at which multiple generations met and investments – as well as sports – were discussed.
We move from there to his first formal roles in the area, at Goldman, Sachs and Pacific Holding Company and we talk about finance in the early 1980s, and how, sometimes, one can end up with far more responsibility than imagined, and how this can lead to the most profound learning experiences. And then to the launch his own long/short hedge fund and the hedge fund investment landscape of the 1990s.
Our conversation moves to the complexities of starting a firm, raising capital, developing clients and staying the course. We look at the need to evolve and adapt in new environments; leveraging core competencies, retooling product lines and extending the duration of one’s capital base as new opportunities emerge.  This was particularly relevant when Michael and his co-founder developed the hedge fund secondaries business at Dorchester Capital Advisors.
We move then to speak about Michael’s current work at Westmore Capital Advisors and some recent investments. Finally we end with words of wisdom from some of the formidable mentors that Michael has learned from throughout his life. 

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