156. Jason Mitchell of MAN Group – On the Energy Trilemma, Indian Poetry and Creating a Sustainable Future

Jason Mitchell is co-head of responsible investments at MAN Group, and the host of a Sustainable Future Podcast at the MAN Institute, a podcast that he has hosted since 2018, which has now passed its 55th episode. He writes and speaks widely on sustainability issues, as well as serving on a number of committees such as the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, and World Bank Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition.

Our rich and multi-layered discussion starts with his early interest in literature and Indian poetry in particular. We hear how he majored in English but how serendipity led him to choose a career using his coding rather than an MFA at a prestigious US institution.  So commenced a fascination with finance and sustainability issues in particular, which saw him gain a bird’s eye view into infrastructure projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and work alongside policymakers at the highest level.

Jason’s vantage point as an investor, podcast host and writer leads him to synthesize issues that may seem to be complex and multi-layered, and in particular he speaks about policy makers and governments facing an energy trilemma – the three-pronged challenge of how to make energy sustainable, affordable and secure. He integrates the imperative of not creating a class of “energy poor” with the challenges of pursuing a de-carbonizing and net zero agenda with the fluency of a poet.

Jason concludes with an exhortation to focus on breadth and not depth, and to slow down to allow our careers to breathe a little.

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