131. Ryan Bailey of Carbonado Partners – Finding Solutions Through Shrewd Thinking

Ryan Bailey is a Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Carbonado Partners LLC, a leading placement agent with a differentiated approach to fundraising for emerging managers.   He was previously Head of Investments at Children’s Health in the Dallas Area, and prior to that held various roles in investment boutiques including placement firms.

Our conversation starts with his ultra-early interest in investing and a purchase of Telmex stock that ended up funding his college education. The passion for investing he discovered then followed him into an allocator role where he spent many years as a Director of Investments for Dallas Children’s Hospital. He talks about the particular aspects of investing on behalf of a hospital and how the concept of “enterprise risk” drives the asset allocation decision.

Now in a leadership role at Carbonado partners, Ryan spends significant time with emerging managers and sees firsthand the challenges faced by them. He assesses the industry as barely having a passing grade in that respect, and is keen to see that improve.

Finally Ryan shares what being a survivor of the World Trade Center collapse in 2001 taught him about appreciating each day, being mindful of his own good fortune and taking nothing for granting.  It is an inspiring conversation that leaves us with the wise words: A wise man knows everything and a shrewd man knows everybody.  Words to remember indeed.

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