129. Stephanie Braming of William Blair – On Critical Thinking and Transforming Recruitment

Stephanie Braming is Global Head of Investment Management at William Blair & Co.  based in Chicago. She was previously a portfolio manager and specialist at William Blair and prior to that she was an investment consultant.  She started her career as an examiner in the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

We start with Stephanie’s upbringing in a rural town in the Midwest and how she moved from an English literature major to a role as a federal bank examiner, where she was once referred to as “that examiner girl”.  The fit proved to be a good one though as her visits involved banks like those in her home town.  She moved from there to a role as an investment consultant and then a portfolio manager at an asset management firm.

Now in a leadership role at the firm and Global Head of Investment Management she is focused on a range of issues, from meaningful integration of ESG risk factors across the investment processes to improving the recruiting pipeline to ensure it feeds a diverse investment industry of the future.

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