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Nicci Take – A Different “Take” on Sales Strategy and Gender Balances

Nicci Take is interim head of growth at Mercer. She is an expert in sales, and is the chairwoman/founder of M62 Vincis, which helps organizations win by working out the last 15 mins of the sales cycle. She is a Presenter, Entrepreneur and stand up Comedienne and a prominent transgender advocate, inspirational speaker and coach. who is a #BritishLGBTAwards Top 10 Inspirational Leader as well as one of the FT 100 Leading LGBT+ Executives 2017.

A conversation that is at turns hilarious and heart-rendering – but always uplifting – Nicci’s transgender journey is as unique as she is, but particularly insightful as to how women are viewed in the workplace – and she has seen both sides of this.

Pat Lynch – A Chicago Legend Shares a Few “Golden Rules” of Sales and Business Building

Pat Lynch, who was Founder, President and CEO of Chicago Equity Partners, a Chicago based asset manager for over 20 years. He now holds investment and strategic advisory roles within the investment industry and is on the board of directors of Loyola Business School, as well as the Ballmer Center for Social Justice.

One of the legends of the Chicago-based fund management scene shares his instincts for determining how people like to buy and how to develop a sales pitch accordingly.

Melvin Lindsey – Sales Alpha and the Halo Effect

Mel Lindsey is Managing Partner of Nile Capital Group based in the Los Angeles Area. He is already a veteran of the asset management industry having established the US asset management arm of a Swiss Asset Manager in 2004 and grown it to a peak of $78 bn in AUM in 2008 before successfully launching an IPO in 2009.

In 2014 he set up Nile Capital Management, which is a company that takes strategic stakes in asset managers specifically at their growth phase. Our conversation discusses sales alpha, what it is, and how you learn to create it, some of the challenges facing emerging independent firms, and what the key features are to sustainable growth – such as the halo effect, ownership incentives and speed.

Helen Gottstein – Storytelling in Business

Helen Gottstein, communications coach and founder of Israel-based Loud and Clear Training works with a range of companies from start-ups to established tech players, to hone their pitch, their value proposition and their communication strategy. The power of zoom and...

Rachel Green – Lessons from the Skills Workshop of Life

Rachel Green is Director of Institutional Sales at Nuveen. She started her career in risk management and moved into a sales role in 2014.  She has been a prominent voice in the City of London on issues of diversity and inclusion and is the founder of The Skills Workshop, to help women and young people understand their career options, share stories and to identify with others as well to create a sense of belonging.

Series 1 2022 – Impact & Legacy

Welcome back to The Fiftyfaces Podcast in 2022. In this first series we meet with ten more inspiring guests and draw out in particular themes relating to impact and the importance of education.  For some of our guests their commitment to educating the next generation – whether through personal sponsorship, Board Roles, teaching decision making or the founding of The Skills Workshop – there is universal belief in its importance.

Impact takes many forms, and includes investment in education, but for some of our guests it also includes solutions to alleviate homelessness, house vulnerable women and adults with learning differences, or address the problem of climate change. 

Maya Tutian Matosevich – Why Business Must Go On – Now More Than Ever

Maya Tutian Matosevich is Global Marketing Director at Dassault Systemes, a French company and is based in Israel. She has had a long career in marketing within the software sector, where she has developed business plans and sales strategies on a regional and a global basis.

Our discussion covers her successful career – how she established herself as a leader in global marketing and developed a global team and client base. An excellent example of her ability to pivot and respond to the changing needs of her clients is the “business must go on” campaign that was initiated in response to the Covid-19 disruptions. This innovative campaign relied on fresh thinking and pivots to reframe business in a new reality without face to face meetings and the usual tools to build relationships.

Heidi Ridley – Radiating a New Investment Vision

Heidi Ridley is Co-Founder and CEO at Radiant ESG, based in the Bay Area of California. She has had a long career in asset management, including roles as CEO of Rosenberg Equities, a division of AXA Investment Managers, global head of client service and head of North America institutional sales. She is a member of the Advisory Council at the Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership.

A discussion of an empowered career journey and an investment firm start up journey and why it is not always a bad thing to be a “bull in a china shop.”

Doug Shaw – Lessons Learned on a Round Trip from Oxford

Doug Shaw is Bursar at St. Peter’s College, Oxford, a position he has held for over two years. I got to know him when he was in a COO role within one of Europe’s most successful hedge funds, The Children’s Investment Fund, and in his investment career he has held a series of fascinating roles, both at start up firms and in large firms such as Gartmore and Blackrock. He has spent time in derivatives sales, building a business for charity clients, and in managing hyper-fast growth, and now holds various NED and Investment Committee positions in addition to his Bursar role.

A straight-talking look at the business of building a hedge fund business and the ongoing problem of low representation in the industry.