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Dr. Ylva Baeckstrom – Fusing Skillsets and Authenticity to Eliminate Imposter Syndrome

Dr. Ylva Baeckstrom is a lecturer and researcher in finance at King’s College Business School in London, where she has a particular interest in behavioural finance, investment decision making and investment advice, with a special interest in gender and the interplay between advisors and their clients.

A specialist in gender equality and finance shares insights from her Ted talk and how things like press coverage confirm biases and impeded visibility for women and underrepresented groups.

Miriam Isaac – Designing a Career

Miriam Isaac is a freelance UX designer and consultant who works with a range of companies across the US and Israel. She has worked as a graphic, and later web, designer for over 10 years. Miriam has a particular interest in mentoring young women within the religious community who have an interest in entering the design arena and in directing them to where they can learn the skills required. She was born in London and moved to Israel when she was 18 years old.

In our candid interview we talk about the obstacles and prejudices Miriam encountered both within her religious community, and later in the Tel Aviv tech world where religious women are in the minority.

Yvonne Bajela – Inspiring and Innovating through Impact

Yvonne Bajela is an investor in early stage companies at Impact X Capital, which invests in start-ups across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She has worked across the globe in investment banking, corporate venture capital and in academia, and is a frequent speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and female empowerment. She was listed as a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30.

A discussion of this investor’s early interest in investing, risk-taking and how she learned the ropes of venture investing.

Helen Gottstein – Enhancing Visibility and Finding a Vibrant Voice

Helen Gottstein is the founder of Loud and Clear Training, a communication and presentation strategy business where she serves global clients from her Israel base. She has had a long career in training women to get heard, inclusion and diversity training and presentation skills. Today, she shares her tips both as a founder and women’s advocate.

Our conversation starts with Helen’s youth in Australia and what influenced her in becoming a feminist at the age of 19. We trace that journey through her move to Israel, and her ongoing advocacy for and training in communication skills.

Shanna Fuld – Thinking Differently about Grit and Hustle

Shanna Fuld is the founder and CEO at the Israel Daily News Podcast. She has worked as a freelance reporter, and creates her own content including the Israel Daily News Podcast, The Israel Weekly Newswrap, Women in Israel and The Corona Business Report.

Our conversation traces how a chance meeting with Wolf Blitzer in Tel Aviv kindled the flame that was already alight in her for broadcast media. We follow her journey in education and then in the business and some of the long hours and high expectations that it entailed.