4. Keren Leshem of OCON Therapeutics: Safety in Innovation

Keren Leshem is Chief Executive Officer at OCON Therapeutics, which develops innovative and safe intra-uterine medical solutions inspired by women’s bodies and anatomy, She is also a board director at Aspivix, and was recently awarded Best Women’s HealthTech CEO 2023 in the Global CEO Excellence Awards.  She holds a number of other Board Roles and in 2022 was a Tech Pioneer at the World Economic Forum and is a Mentor within the 8400 Health Network.

Our conversation dives right in to the state of women’s health research and the innovative methods of intra-uterine delivery that OCON is developing that can treat a range of conditions in a non-invasive and efficient way. We speak about the challenge of attracting funding, particularly at this juncture given OCON’s location and the perseverance and advocacy that has to continue throughout this process. We describe the treatments and therapies in detail and ask what some of the barriers are to attracting more attention for women’s health. There is more detail on OCON on the website: https://oconmed.com/

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